North Beach Paradise Land INFO

North Beach Paradise Land
World Map 1
World Map 2
1F All
1F Harbor and Road
1F Drive IN and Motel (Angel Smile Drive-IN)
1F Road and Rezzer Car
SKY Villa All
SKY Villa entrance
SKY Villa No1-No-4
SKY Villa No5-No7
SKY Villa Camp
SKY Villa store No1-No4
SKY Dance Club (Dinosaurs can ride)
Live concert & runway
  • こんにちは。
  • North Beach Paradise Land の画像です。
  • 1F とSKY Villa はほぼ完成です。営業方針は未定です。
  • SKY Dance Club & SKY Live concert & runway はイベント開催が未定なので。イベント決定次第マッチした景観を作成予定。
  • こちらの施設及び関連施設は夏仕様を追加しました。
  • 2021クリスマスコンサート会場はそのままの状態で記念公園になっています。
  • ( `・∀・´)ノヨロシク  (人”▽`)ありがとう☆

  • Hello.
  • It is an image of North Beach Paradise Land.
  • The 1st floor and SKY Villa are almost completed. The business policy is undecided.
  • The event for SKY Dance Club & SKY Live concert & runway is undecided. We plan to create a matching landscape as soon as the event is decided.
  • Summer specifications have been added to this facility and related facilities.
  • The 2021 Christmas concert venue is still a memorial park.
  • Thank you. ☺