Group absorption and Land arrangement. グループ吸収と土地配置

4 Group INFO

— Yuki Ranch — , snow horse ,
yuki island , Amore che balla
— Japanese —
各グループへの連絡です。(yuki0909 Group再編成)
メインのグループは – yuki ranch – (LSR) になります。
yuki island (Cafe のグループ)
amore che balla (農業のグループ)
の方は 恐れ入りますが - yuki ranch – (無料自由参加です)
cafe および 農業は - yuki ranch –
snow horese は Dance club と モール のグループ
こちらのグループは お休み中ですが 将来場所を割り当てて
ご意見がある方は yuki0909 にお願いします。

— English — (Poor expression)
Hello everyone.
Contact each group. (yuki0909 Group reorganization)
The main group will be –yuki ranch– (LSR).
Mainly active in this group.
yuki island (Cafe group)
amore che balla (agricultural group)
Excuse me, but –yuki ranch– (free free participation)
Please move to.
Cafe and agriculture –yuki ranch–
We appreciate your cooperation.
snow horese is a dance club and mall group
This group is on her day off but will be assigned a place in the future
We plan to resume activities. (Currently undecided)
Thanking you in advance.
After the Group reorganization, we plan to reorganize the land.
If you have any opinions, please contact yuki0909.

Land arrangement.
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Notice of return of 3/4 sim rental land.
The deadline is tomorrow.
I look for other lands.
Thank you very much for everyone. 🙂