1/4 Sim Sea OPEN 1/2 Sim

  • 1/2 Sim のアダルトの遊び場の他に今日1/4 Sim 遊び場をオープンしました。
  • 少し複雑な航海になりますがリンデン海を南に航海できます。現地でワールド地図を確認ください。
  • REZZER式タッチボートもありますのでどなたでも乗れます。
  • Yuki ranch のグループになりますのでタグをお持つの方はREZできます・(1/2 Sim および 1/4 Sim)
  • Snow Horse,Yuki Island,Amore che balla でご希望の方はご連絡くさい。Yuki Ranchのグループへ招待させていただきます。
  • 皆さんSLを楽しみましょう。
  • http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Catocala/119/214/21

  • In addition to the 1/2 Sim adult playground, we opened the 1/4 Sim playground today.
  • It’s a little complicated voyage, but you can sail the Linden Sea to the south. Please check the world map on site.
  • There is also a REZZER type touch boat so anyone can ride it.
  • Since it is a group of Yuki ranch, those who have tags can REZ (1/2 Sim and 1/4 Sim)
  • If you would like to use Snow Horse, Yuki Island, Amore che balla, please contact us. We are inviting you to join the Yuki Ranch group.
  • Let’s all enjoy SL.
  • Thank you 🙂
  • http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Catocala/119/214/21

1/2 Sim Adult 1F Sea SKY 1-4 Course 1-4


Yuki0909 Groups INFO

Hello. This is a public practice and race course. There are three Rezzer boat on the ground of the sea. SKY has many courses. Teleport each course by specifying SKY No with the blue teleporter.Each course has a Rezzer in Car and a Bike. Anyone can REZ your vehicle. (30 minutes on the way back). Homestead residential area. It cannot be sold or solicited. Please be considerate of other residents. Please enjoy.
yuki ranch,Snow Horse,yuki Island,amore che balla 3 group
owner: Yuki Mαgιc (yuki0909)