RDT(Road Drive Team)

  • YR Tower Cafe 1F RDT にタッチRezzer式車3台追加
  • 現在は車4台、バイク2台設置してあります。
  • 車&バイクは2人乗りできます。カップルやお友達とドライブを楽しんでください。(安全運転でお願いします)
  • タッチRezzer式 車&バイクは乗り捨ててOKです(自動消滅)
  • 新設:RDTの道路の反対側にFREE REZ ZONEを作りました(どなたでもREZできます。1分Return)
  • http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Quetzal/112/49/44

  • 3 touch Rezzer type cars added to Tower Cafe 1F RDT
  • Currently, we have 4 cars and 2 motorcycles.
  • Cars & motorcycles can seat two people. Enjoy a drive with a couple or friends. (Please drive safely)
  • Touch Rezzer type cars & motorcycles can be abandoned (automatic disappearance)
  • New: FREE REZ ZONE was created on the other side of the RDT road (anyone can REZ. 1 minute Return)
  • http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Quetzal/112/49/44

カテゴリー: RDT

RDT(Road Drive Team) and Cafe and DJ Dance Club

  • A team that runs on car and Motorcycles on the road.
  • There is a tower with a view of the sea and an observatory.
  • The opening of the cafe is undecided.
  • Planning a facility DJ dance club.

カテゴリー: RDT